I’m Tyson. I am 30 years old (well, I will be in July), married to the most wonderful and beautiful woman, and father of four rambunctious boys. I am incredibly blessed.

I don’t stand out in a crowd. I’m not exceptionally tall or good looking (though I think my wife would disagree). I am pretty ordinary. I am, however, passionate about taking care of my family.


Most of my life I have been told to plan for emergencies and to live providently. My parents set a good example of living within one’s means. They taught me to manage my money carefully, spend less than I make, and prepare for the future.

In 2006 I met and then married my amazing wife, Camden. Early in our marriage we were blessed with opportunities to put into practice the things we had been taught about managing money and preparing for emergencies. We didn’t have a lot but we we tried to be good stewards of what we did have.

Since the early days of our marriage we have felt the need to be increasingly prepared for disasters and emergencies and for possible personal and family challenges.

Late in the evening on the last day of June 2012 a sudden and unexpected windstorm ripped through our sleepy little community. The wind was so strong that it took down one of our oldest and largest oak trees. It fell right onto our carport, where our van was parked, demolishing it. Miraculously our van and our home were unscathed. But it was a close call. For some of our friends and neighbors the power was out for days.

We felt completely helpless mainly because we were unprepared. We didn’t have any food or water stored, no 72 hour kit, and no plans. This storm was our wake up call.


With this site I hope to overcome, and help others to overcome, the biggest challenge that kept my wife and me from being prepared: it is too complicated.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too hard to be prepared. It is simply too complicated. There are dozens of people, sites, and blogs and hundreds of books dedicated to helping others with their preparedness efforts. However, what I find is that they often either contradict each other or go into too much detail. Yes, there may be hundreds of ways to actually purify water but what is the best way for me?

That’s my goal, to make becoming prepared and living providently as simple and easy to understand and do as possible. I don’t think I will necessarily share anything that you can’t find somewhere else online. What I will do is share the information in a simple and straightforward way so that it can easily be understood and then done.

lf you haven’t started preparing yet you can see what it takes and learn how to do it without having to pay someone or spend countless hours trying to piece it together yourself.

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Please read this part very carefully:

I do not claim to know everything about preparedness. What I will teach you is not a secret and I do not promise that becoming prepared or living providently won’t take work. It will. It will also take dedication and persistence. But the effort will be worth it.

I had also considered the name “Peace Filled Preparedness” because of the peace of mind that you will feel once you apply the principles and strategies I will share with you.

I want to help you and see you succeed. If you need any help from me or have any questions please use my contact form to send me an email and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to see you around the site (and don’t forget social media!) sometime soon.

-Tyson Cooper

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