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Crossing the Finish Line: How Do You Know When You Have?

There is this show, Doomsday Bunkers, on The Discovery Channel that I find fascinating. It chronicles this construction company that specializes solely in building bunkers. Each one is unique and designed specifically to the client’s wishes. They range in complexity from a simple underground room with some water and food stocked up in it all the way to a full home with multiple rooms, a kitchen, entertainment center, pantry, water filtration, and purification system, and an air filtering system that is sensitive enough to remove radioactivity from the air.

The bunkers themselves and the engineering that goes into them fascinate me but I enjoy “meeting” the people that purchase them just as much. These are good men and women who have a real desire to protect their families and feel that building/purchasing a bunker is the best way to do it. On a few episodes, the owner remarks “now I can sleep at night because I know that I’m prepared” after the bunker is installed. Why can they sleep? Because of the peace of mind being prepared brings to them.

I have a good friend who has developed an action plan to keep his family safe in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. He loves the idea of zombies attacking and, though it is mostly playful, he wants to make sure that he can keep his wife and children safe if the worst case happens.

For me it is not about having a bunker or being able to protect my family from zombies. Being prepared for me is about being able to meet my family’s needs should a natural disaster strike. Things like owning a generator to power my home, the ability to obtain and purify water for drinking, food to eat, and heating during the cold winter months are on the top of my list of what I need to do to be prepared.

What I am trying to illustrate is that being prepared is different for each of us. Feeling prepared depends on a lot of things and is a very personal thing. There are core parts of any preparedness plan—like a family communication plan, some short-term supplies like a 72-hour kit, a way to communicate, etc.—that we should all have but beyond that, it becomes extremely specific to each of our family’s unique needs.

Here is another example. My little sister and her husband have been married for a little over a year and a half. They do not have any children and live in a very small apartment. They do not currently feel the need to have a year’s supply of food. There is not the space in their apartment and they do not have the money to purchase it right now. My and wife and I, however, have the money and have space. On top of that, we feel the need for our family.

“So how do I know when I am prepared enough?”

Great question! Thank you for asking it.

You know when you are prepared when you think about the future and feel peace; to quote a well-known phrase “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” That is how you know when you have done enough and you can say that you are prepared because you feel at peace.

My invitation to you today is to stop reading and take a minute to reflect on your current state of preparedness. Do you feel at peace? If not, let’s begin working together to get there.

It is not hard to be prepared but it can be complicated. Let me help take some of the complexity out of it. Follow the baby steps until you do feel peace.

Do you have a family communication plan? A 72-hour kit? A way to communicate with others and find out what is going on in the world?

If the answer is yes, awesome! If the answer is no, start now.

Being prepared is different for everyone. Some need a bunker and others merely a can opener. The point is not that we should all have the same things and prepare in the same way. It is that we should all be prepared and that means something different to each of us and our families. That is our goal: to be prepared. And how do I know that I have crossed the preparedness “finish line”? Because I feel at peace.

Preparedness is the goal. Peace is the reward.

Peace awaits you. Now go get it.